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Garden Landscape and Tree Service LLC. can provide fast and effective stump removal and grinding services.

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Garden Landscape and Tree Service LLC.can provide fast and effective stump removal and grinding services.

Tree removal is a common occurrence necessary for homeowners to keep their yards looking great. Unfortunately, once a tree is cut down or removed, a stump is often left in the ground. This can cause a landscaping headache, as well as cause safety problems for those on your property. Luckily, Garden Landscape Tree Service LLC. can quickly and professionally remove any stumps you have.

Don’t let a dead tree stump get in the way of having a beautiful yard. We always offer the most competitive rates in the Akron area.

How a Stump Can Affect Your Home and Property

Many homeowners are tempted simply to leave a tree stump where it is following tree removal – this can be harmful to your yard. Here’s why you’ll want to schedule for stump removal and grinding services sooner than later:

When a stump is left, different species of plants can sprout on and around the tree remains. This includes mushrooms and other fungi, which can be harmful to other vegetation in your yard.

Pests love decomposing tree stumps. Ants, termites, and other bugs will quickly make a home in what’s left of the removed tree, which can lead to an infestation in and around your home.

Stumps can present a tripping hazard to adults and children on your property, ending with someone potentially getting seriously hurt. If a lawnmower were to hit the stump during landscaping, this can also present a safety risk or damage the machinery

By allowing a stump to remain, you can be inviting the tree to continue to grow via its roots. This not only looks bad, but it can also damage nearby sidewalks and pipelines underground.


Trimming and pruning dead or dying branches can help prevent the tree from experiencing more decay and improve the tree’s health.

Our Stump Removal Process

When you hire Garden Landscape Tree Service LLC. to remove your stumps, we’ll utilize expert techniques and machinery to make sure the job is done right. Most stump removal jobs require the grinding down of a stump and its roots using a grinding wheel. After a stump is ground, the remaining shavings and chips can then be repurposed by the homeowner or hauled away. 

Smaller stumps can sometimes be removed utilizing shovels and chainsaws, bypassing the grinding process entirely. It’s always a good idea to work with our expert staff to determine which method is best for your home or property.


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